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Christian Prince

  • books to read
    Qur’an And Science in Depth a book to read.

    Quran is the “Word of Allah” as revealed to His Last messenger Muhammad, is what Muslims work hard to prove to...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • Muhammad & Satan
    Muhammad & Satanic Verses

    The prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was possessed twice by Shaytan or Satan twice during his prophet days. Once early on he...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • Christianity
    Who is Jesus in Islam

    Muslims claim a lot of respect to Jesus, and somehow this is an empty respect which mean its a statement with...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • Muhammad said
    What Allah want from Christians?

    Welcome to we pray that you will enjoy and learn about the Lord and his enemies. * تفسير Tanwîr al-Miqbâs...

    Christian PrinceMay 13, 2015