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  • Filipino maid ‘beaten and raped’ is rescued from Bahrain

    “The rescue was prompted by the video message… She is now under the care of our embassy,” foreign ministry spokesman Charles...

    Christian PrinceMay 27, 2015
  • Live in the Trinity TV

    Be with us today live in the Trinity Chanel at 6 PM NY time Topic of today Islam & Human...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • How black magic started according to Muslims

    From Muslims site we quot; “Prophet Sulaiman’s powers;Allah had bestowed Prophet Sulaiman (alaihis salam) with certain powers over mankind, Jinn and...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • Qur’an And Science in Depth a book to read.

    Quran is the “Word of Allah” as revealed to His Last messenger Muhammad, is what Muslims work hard to prove to...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • Muhammad & Satanic Verses

    The prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was possessed twice by Shaytan or Satan twice during his prophet days. Once early on he...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • Who is Jesus in Islam

    Muslims claim a lot of respect to Jesus, and somehow this is an empty respect which mean its a statement with...

    Christian PrinceMay 25, 2015
  • What Allah want from Christians?

    Welcome to we pray that you will enjoy and learn about the Lord and his enemies. * تفسير Tanwîr al-Miqbâs...

    Christian PrinceMay 13, 2015